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basic sessions

The images in the Tarot give a voice to the oft-ignored wisdom of the subconscious mind.  As in dream analysis, we interpret the meaning of the cards as if it were a magic mirror, reflecting back to you what is going on underneath the surface of your life. You can ask the Tarot anything!
  • standard Tarot session:  $100 for 60 minutes
  • pay-as-you-go: $25 for each 15 minutes

The planets at your birth speak to your character, and show us your potential for love, career and health.  They also reveal your karmic destiny, telling us the timing of certain life cycles, like "coming of age" and mid-life crisis.  Where the planets are today reveals exactly what challenges and opportunities you are confronting now, and gives you a context for understanding them. You can also find which places on the earth will maximize your potential for love, career and home.
  • standard Astrology session: $100 for 60 minutes
    requires advance scheduling

  • Astrology Relocation Advice: $100
    requires advance scheduling
radiance technique  
Also known as "traditional reiki," this non-invasive energy work expands the energy in your chakra system.  It's like turning up the light switch on your spirit, and can be aimed at specific areas of your aura, body or life experience.  Radiance can also be done from a distance!
  • standard Radiance Technique session:  $80 for 60 minutes
  • pay-as-you-go: $20 for each 15 minutes
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